Step #7: SBI! shows how each page ranks for each
keyword, at each engine... AND what do do about it.
Jim visits Search Engine Headquarters. Once there, he...

1) checks the Keyword Ranking Report (tells how each page ranks for each keyword at each engine) -- he clicks on (see below) for an Analysis on exactly how to rank higher

2) gets the unique Keyword Search Report (which keywords find which pages at which engines, and how) -- invaluable information for growing even more traffic

3) reviews SE strategies cherry-picked (up-to-date and brief) by SBI! from over 150 e-zines, blogs and news feeds.

Normally (without SBI!), doing this takes days. But Jim does this "click quick." SBI! takes care of anything that is tedious, technical, or complicated. That way... you can run your business, not waste your time figuring out and fighting technology.

And so the T in C T P M grows.

Jim has traffic! Time to PREsell...

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