Step #5: Build a site as easily as stacking blocks.

If you can stack blocks, you can create Web pages... sensational ones. The block-by-block approach trains even the newest of newbies in how to assemble the key components of a Web page into one that works for both human visitors and Search Engine spiders. (Or use your favorite HTML editor if you prefer.)

Remember those brainstormed keywords? Jim focuses upon his most profitable keywords as he creates Content that people want. Content attracts targeted, motivated Traffic... visitors who are PREsold by the high-value information, who are then in a warm state of mind, open to purchase whatever you are selling... Monetization.

And SBI! makes content-creation easy. Point, click, and insert everything a page needs.

OK, Jim's done. He clicks the Analyze It! button to be sure it ranks high at the Search Engines. Then he clicks Preview It! (to make sure it looks just right).

All set? Super! Jim clicks the Build It! button.

Build it with SBI!, and they WILL come...

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