Step #4 (cont'd): Push the envelope on YOUR look and feel.

Online "PhotoShop Power"

Create your own unique logo, navigation buttons and backgrounds. "Point-and-click designing." Typefaces, outlines, drop shadows, glows, bevels, embossing, textures and gradients... all at your fingertips.

Flexible, robust, easy-to-use tools produce stunning, high-end results. It's online-Photoshop... without the learning curve and expense. (As noted earlier, if you know Photoshop or Flash or whatever, great! Use and upload!)

Jim customizes an "Entertainment" template. Now it's time to start building his site, time to start the C T P M process, by delivering the Content that Jim's "pre-customers" want.

Site-building is as A-B-C simple as stacking blocks...
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