Step #3: Register your domain name
and design your site.
Jim registers (with just a click of the button, included in price). SBI! Web hosting is high-speed and reliable (redundancy, backups, etc.) of course. And it includes automatic annual renewal of your domain name, unlimited e-mail (with unique Spam 'n Virus Blast It!) and all the usual features of top-notch hosting.

But honestly... hosting is hosting nowadays. Any good company can do that well. It's the C T P M process, and all the tools (many of them unique on the Web) to execute it perfectly, that makes your site work. After all, without targeted, PREsold traffic, does your site really exist?
Step #4: Design! You?

Already using Dreamweaver? Flash? Photoshop? CSS? Whatever you're doing with your own site design tools and regular hosting, you can do it with SBI! to create Look & Feels limited only by your imagination!

But uh-oh.... Jim is no designer. No HTML or design ability, whatsoever. No problem! SBI! offers cutting-edge, through-the-browser, design capabilities. Jim chooses from hundreds of free, professional, customizable, ready-to-use templates (2 or 3 column layouts), uses the built-in tools to add his personal touch, and presto... high-class, fun design!

And Jim decides to push the envelope...

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