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Step #2: SBI! brainstorms the Web for you...
the whole World Wide Web.
Jim types "juggling" into the Brainstormer. It instantly goes to work. Brainstormer researches the Web and brings back a complete list of the most profitable ("demand" vs. "supply") topics related to "juggling," around which Jim will build his site and e-business. Weeks and weeks of smart keyword research (from Seed Generator to Niche Finder to Best Concept) in minutes... including the "Get Google $" tool that lets Jim know if AdSense ads on his site's pages could produce a good income for him.

Jim's Master Keyword List enables him to search, sort, filter, analyze, add, delete, and even find & research information about top sites for each keyword. He enters and stores ideas about Content, Monetizing, & Site Info ideas into an online Notepad for later reference. This includes info from Monetization HQ articles about potential income streams for a diversified Monetization plan.

Brainstorm It! is the most complete & smartest brainstorming, niche-picking, and keyword-researching tool in the world. And that's just the beginning of the C T P M process...

Jim now knows how to create Content to build maximum, targeted Traffic
that is highly profitable. He has his blueprint for success.

Next Step? Bring it on... online that is...

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