Step #8: Build Relationships

Jim's approach of delivering high-value Content does more than build traffic. It wins confidence, too. Now it's time to deepen that trust. Repeat exposure is the surest way to develop loyal customers. He...

1) uses RSS/Blog It! to site blog, reformatting his newest content into blog posts and distributing it to the "blogosphere."

2) adds Socialize It! (a button bar that links to the key social sites) -- instant social media marketing (ex., Facebook)!

3) uses Form Build It! to add contact, other forms, and autoresponder features.

4) invites visitors to submit ideas, opinions, photos, videos, and comments via Content 2.0 (more effective than blogging).

5) publishes and manages a newsletter using MailOut Manager.

Jim adds these at no extra cost, merely by filling in blanks and clicking buttons. Jim can also "plug in" (using Infin It!) a full blog, forums, membership sites, or other relationship-builders at any time.

So far, Jim and SBI! have mastered C T P.

So how is Jim doing?...

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