Monetize: Generating income is, of course, your goal.
But you can't START any process at the goal. "C T P" takes you to "M."

Jim uses C T P to attract and PREsell high volume, free, targeted traffic. Without this lifeblood, any business is doomed.

And that is precisely why most small businesses fail. No traffic. No C T P engine. SBI! users build Traffic at a "Top 3%" rate. And it's not just any traffic... it's PREsold. So M is the easy part...

Jim sells hard goods (juggling paraphernalia) as his primary monetization model. First, he adds a PayPal shopping cart (simple copy-and-paste) with a few items to get his store off the ground.

As he grows and adds more items, he wants to expand this into a full blown web-store. He has a choice of many of the most popular e-stores!

SBI!'s Infin It! module makes
it a snap to add any store...

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